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somoloco manifesto

somoloco manifesto

We choose to love life.

A life of adventure, humor, and romance.

To celebrate together our collective ridiculousness, because aren’t we all loco in our own hilarious, beautiful ways?

somoloco means “we are crazy” in Spanish. Well, almost. It’s a play on words to mean more specifically “we are one crazy, together.”   Another way of defining crazy is what makes you, well um, you! It’s the gift of being human.  How beautiful is it that nothing has ever existed, or will ever exist, quite like each one of us.

And with that gift, we have a choice in how we want to live.

We choose to live with adventure, humor, and romance. Perspective is everything.

On Adventure: We are curious about everything. And take the leap into the mysteries of the world with excitement, passion, and optimism.

On Humor: We like to play and be silly. We are absurd and satirical mofos, who laugh at and shine light on the ridiculousness of ourselves, our systems, our leaders, and our society.

On Romance: We love to dance with the world and people in a sweet, affectionate, creative flirtation. Flavor and flow. Mmm que sabor!

We believe life is so much more enlivening, fun, and meaningful when we flow with who we are, in a playful, affectionate dance with the world. Moreover, we believe the openness and softening that happens through adventure, humor, and romance allows us to discover who we are and express ourselves freely.

We believe that the world is a healthier, more harmonious place when we are all giving our unique gifts out of openness and self acceptance. This is in stark contrast to doing what we are “supposed” to, out of fear of not fitting in and repressing ourselves.


Think globally, act loco(lly):

We produce events, immersive experiences, and media to help you bring out your loco through adventure, romance, and humor.

We are passionate about immersive, participatory experiences, where we are all part of the story (rather than just watching). We then use mixed media, playing on all of the senses, and performance arts (music, dance, theater) to create impactful experiences that help you really “get it” (you know, the somoloco way!).

Our Ultimate Mission: Unlock your mojo so that you may enjoy the hell out of your life with others who feel the same way. And maybe world peace too 😉


Join us, loco!

We are a community and creative laboratory of explorers, romantics, and silly people that choose to live our loco with freedom and gusto. Are you ready to be part of our community? Then join our mailing list and follow us on facebook. There you can stay up to speed on our events, experiences, new media we produce, and trips we are sponsoring (yep, we do a special brand of tourism in Colombia and Cuba). Or contact us directly at if you are interested in private events, collaborating, in taking a trip to Colombia or Cuba, or want some coaching on how to transform your life in the somoloco way.

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